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Pain Relief With Chiropractic

Maybe you just got in a car accident or maybe you simply slept wrong. Perhaps the pain just hit you this morning or you might be a sufferer of chronic pain. Either way, at Lighthouse Chiropractic we are here to help you start feeling better!

Unlike other pain management treatments, chiropractic care strives to eliminate the pain by finding the cause. We see each patient as an individual and create a treatment plan that specifically targets the pain based on injury, location, and several other criteria. Lighthouse Chiropractic has served the Fort Collins and Loveland communities for nearly a decade and has dealt with hundreds of pain based problems including:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Car accidents and whiplash

In case of work injuries or car accidents, we also are well versed in Colorado Med Pay Laws and in most cases can help you receive reimbursement for your chiropractic care.


“After I got in a pretty severe car accident, my neck and back were killing me. I tried all of the pills and suggestions my doctor provided to me, but nothing seemed to be working. I thought I might as well give Dr. Ed a shot to see if it could help out at all. By the time I walked out of my first session I was already feeling better and within a few visits I was already feeling better than all the visits to the doctor combined.”

“I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for years to the point of barely being able to get out of bed on certain days. Some friends had told me about what they got out of chiropractic work and I booked a time at Lighthouse. It is now a regular part of my ongoing schedule to keep me out of pain. I honestly don't remember how I was making it through the day without it.”